Is he getting back to his senses?

long story short. my ex broke up with me a month ago because of his friend. his friend told him god knows what lies about me and it turned him from a guh who loved me to death to a guy who wouldn't even reply my texts. they're really close friends and his friend seemed to be very happy after we broke up. we were in a long distance relationship so I can't see him in person uet but just on social media. I told my ex that his friend was a liar and he has tried plenty of times to turn him against me but he didn't listen. now, after a month of us breaking up, they have blocked eachother. I don't know what it means.


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  • He realized wha was going on.


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  • There's more problems than the friend. He doesn't trust you at all or he wouldn't have believed the lies. Just move on

    • you're right.

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    • I'm sorry. It's over. Cut your losses and never look back

    • yeah you're right

  • Liars are always found out eventually. Only a month? That is quick.

    Unfortunately he may still believe a little what his friend cooked up.

    • yeah maybe. it's quick I know. but even if he has found out about his lies I know because of his huge ego, he's not going to accept what he did wrong yet.

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    • Yes, I thought it would be too late to mend fences with him. Too many harsh things said.

    • yes. the damage has been done. I just want him tor realize how much pain he caused me.

  • maybe could've fell out for other reasons or he's found out the truth; if he tried reaching out to you then you'll know.

    • yeah maybe they fought for sone other reason but that seems highly unlikely because they're like bros and they're roommates. and they fought before but it never came to blocking eachother.

    • it seems like indirectly he has been trying but he's been waiting for me to reach out to him. because I always do. he acts like the victim in every fight. I also textd him a few days after thinking maybe he would've calmed down but he blocked me. he knows that if he wants to make anything better, he's going to have to do much more than a text or a call because the damage he has done can now only be talked about in person

    • because I have blocked him now from every social site and if he texts me on my number I'm sure as hell going to block that too. because iw as broken

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