Opinions please, girl doesn't tell me she has a boyfriend weeks later?

This girl works at an upscale pool hall downtown. 1st meeting talked a few times and got her number. Should note she is model caliber in looks very sweet personality

Hitting on her hard took a selfie got her fb and sent it to her lots of im sweet and cute photo that kind if stuff.

I stop in after work maybe once or twice a week with co workers / friends cause its close to work she doest tell me she has a boyfriend weeks later but we did talk about being good friends and still grabbing drinks, i know our schedules are conflicted.

I haven't messaged her since we talked I feel like stopping on end of week just to see how are things talk maybe arrange drinks


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  • I had a girl do this to me said it was just her friend on FB to get guys not to hit on her lies she's a whore... in conclusion


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