Was giving back his stuff the best thing to do?

Recently...last night actually...I suddenly snapped, packed up the shirts and stuffed animals my ex boyfriend had given to me, and had my friend drive me over to his house. I wasn't trying to be spiteful about giving back the things he had given to me. I just didn't want to hurt anymore from having his clothes and things he had given me in my room any longer.

We got to his house, I was too nervous to go up to his door my self. (was that a bad idea?) and had my friend give back everything.

I asked what he said once he got back in the car. He told me that he looked at the stuff for a second, said "well thank, man" and tried to shake his hand. My guy friend being the guy he is just said "You're welcome and just walked off."

As we drove off, my ex and his friend were just standing in the doorway watching as I drove off with my friend. I didn't know what to think exactly considering that I couldn't even see his face.

We were driving back home and I decided to text him saying "I'm sorry. I just couldn't hold on to those things without feeling completely hurt inside. It's just helping me get over you."

Was me giving back his stuff the best thing for me to do?

I want your honest opinions please!


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  • Yes, I did it involving no emotions with my ex because well I was p*ssed off he was dumping me for the most immature and insecure reasons. He gave me very nice and expensive gifts such as a brand-name ring and a pricey camera. I gave him very valuable gifts as well but we both never gave them back.

    Ironically, ever since we broke up I've used the camera more then ever, taking pictures of all the adventures I've gone on with my friends. I let go of the feelings associated with my ex for the sake of the sweet digital camera haha.

    If they are too painful to hold on to, then its better to store them away in a box where you won't go into frequently. Your feelings matter too. I understand completely where you're coming from.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think it was the best thing for you to give him the stuff back because it was hurting you so much. The only thing is not going up to the door to talk to him and give the stuff back. I understand why you didn't want to and that's perfectly acceptable but you should have at least gone up with your friend to see him reaction and be there when the stuff was actually given back. Then again that's just me and it doesn't really effect anything.

  • He gave them to you as gifts, and put thought into them... Although you broke up I think it was a bit insensitive to give them back... he probably felt really bad.. I think you shouldve stored them in an attic or something, and you would come across them one day and think of the memories you had... now they are all gone, but if it helps you to move on then I guess it was kind of right. I think you were just too upset to think what you were doing.

    • I really think he felt bad, also. I just wish I knew what was going on in his mind when he saw me in the car and his things back in front of his face. But I wasn't giving them back to be insensitive. I didn't give back everything. I kept the homemade cards and jewlery. But the shirts were just the major ones considering that they still smelled like him and I couldn't stand that....

What Girls Said 3

  • yes...if you are really trying to get over him them being rid of his things is a postive step. However I have a feeling you did it to try and get a reaction out of him, in which case, no not a good idea to wait and see what he will do anymore. time to move on.

    • I really didn't do it to get a reaction out of him. That was just a bonus. I really wasn't expecting him to answer the door.

  • Yes. I think you giving him his things back was the mature thing to do. Most girls would just throw them out or give them away. You did the right thing. :)

  • Your doing the right thing...


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