Baby Mommas with Bad Baby Daddies?

An honest to goodness situation I've been in recently was being in somewhat of a relationship with this girl, promiscuous as she may be, is that we were going good and I thought we were headed into something serious together.

After her explaining to me that she basically came home to her fiance everyday into an argument over the smallest things and that they weren't getting along, sleeping together, etc. She kinda ended it with him reluctantly, because they still had a kid together and ended up with me for a bit.

Silly me though, because I thought I was giving her my best when she said she never got that before in a relationship, but she split with me after the baby daddy cried to her again and she gave him his millionth second chance. I told her she should choose herself and the baby first even if it meant she picked him or neither of us, but I'm afraid she won't end up happy. She moved away too which is probably for the best and I told her we should probably stop talking... but I don't know.

tl;dr To the moms, what is the reason for you to stay with the dad even if the relationship is complete 💩. (This is just a small generalization)


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  • I stayed for a lot longer than I would have I broke up a few times but it would never be for more than a week, I think it's because people want to make it work out so the kid/s don't grow up in a broken family... But really it's worse for them to grow up with them being unhappy, it is much better to leave then to have parents who can't get along and don't love each other.

    Her ex probably called her and said he was going to change and It will be different this time, but in my opinion the same thing will happen and she will leave him again, it just depends how long it will take this time. I think it was best for you to stop talking it will make it easier for you to move on.

    • That's my guess too. I'd like for things to work out for her. Even if I was put of the picture. It kinda stinks though, because she was a good friend before this whole mess. Unfortunately, I think she will end up coming back without him. Everyone was telling her it was a bad idea.

    • That's the thing though people can say it's a bad idea but she needs to realize that herself that it won't change.

      I had people say that to me many times although as soon as I had moved out as in took everything I had there that was it I never went back to him, but when I still had my things there and would just go and stay with other people I kept going back to him within a week.

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  • I don't have an answer to your question, but I do have advice. It is for the best that she's gone.

    If you got serious with her and it went bad, then you would lose twice: you would lose her, and the kid that you took under your wing. It also sounds like there would be constant baby daddy drama involved.


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