How do I move on?

I still love my ex. I'm not sure how to move on. He is the first guy I have ever felt this way about. it's been hard since the break up and I really don't know how to get over him or to start moving on.


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  • The only way u can move on is to love smething more that u loved him
    Either start lovin alcohol
    Or start lovin another dick.
    If u be alone ur screwed..
    Make new guy friends.
    Give urself exposre..
    Trust urself, be strong..


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  • we're the same... its been 3yrs and as of now I'm not brave enough to see them together although i already forgive him and accepted the fact that his already with someone else... but i not to think of the past because it will only make me suffer and stuck in the past...

    • That's awful. If I saw him with someone else it would break me. I thought this guy was the one. Like when we first talked and met I had this feeling like wow this can't be real it's to perfect. 11 months later and it's over.

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  • Here's some things you can do
    1. Start dating other guys
    2. Come up with a list of everything you found annoying or disliked about your ex
    3. Focus on your hobbies that you didn't have as much time for. Or even start some new ones
    4. Spend more time with your close friends
    5. Accept all relationships end either through break-up or death

  • give it sometime. dont start a new relationship immediately. adopt new habits. have a lot of sleep. start physical exercise. read healthy stuff. be in the company of healthy people and be hapoy for what u have

  • Find another guy where automatically you will snap out of that mind.


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