How do I break the cycle of loneliness?

OK it goes like this...I have no friends because I'm shy...I don't have a social life...I get more and more isolated and weird and bitter and depressed...most people don't want to befriend a depressed person...girls certainly don't wanna take a I go deeper and deeper...I can't just throw on a happy face and even if I would I present myself to people? "o yea, well my hobbies are being sad, sleeping because I hate being awake and feeling alone, and mumbling angry thoughts to myself, I don't really go out because I don't have friends..." I mean seriously...there was a girl on here and talking with her kept me sane...we live far away but I was saving money and planning on visiting her..but then she decides even though she loves me...she can't wait...and anyway there's a guy chasing she just tells me I'm SOL after telling me she loves me...she was all I had...the hope of seeing her and knowing some1 out there loves me was all I had...I was devastated...I saw some light at the end but now its darker than few friends have gone off to school while I stayed at home and worked while going to a juco..and we've kinda grown apart, we've hung out a bit this summer buy I rarely see them during the school year...I have nothing left...and I don't have any hope I ever will...I'm just wondering what left can I do? I feel like I don't wanna exist...I just wanna take some drug that will make me numb so I never feel anything there anything left I could do?


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  • ermm that Girl didn't exist, she couldve been a pedaphile or some dangerous person even. you dnt know ANYTHING bout her. ur only reading what a profile online is writing...SO you do need your head tested. and girls won't fall for you cause we are very emotional creatures we dnt need a partner the same as us. we need confident people. AND as long as your breathing, youv got hope. God has a plan for you. you are not accidently. there are healthy women who never concieve and no doctor knows why; cause God doesn't want them to have children. and there are 60 year old wmen who give bith to twins. So you are here for a reason. Do some charity work at your hospital. for a few days make people happy; give someone ur bus seat, or give them a compliment, make it up. tell ur family how much you love them. if you can't live for yourself, at least live for others.

    Ps. then again I myself am suicidal, but I wouldn't dare commit sucide cause my religion doesn't allow it (Islam) and its a sin even thinking bout it.

    So...all the best xxx

    • No she was def real...she had an fb and her rents were on fb and she had tons of pics...etc etc...and I mean...just trust me...she was real or it was one hell of a conspiracy

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    • How comes ur answering ur own question? how do you know she changed her mind?....and didn't you want to get better?

    • Get better?

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  • hmm

    first things first... STOP feeling sorryfor yourself. I mean c`mon there are worser things in life to be quite honest with you

    join a club or something, you never know you might meet someone just like you and you can be depressed together, at least that way you`ll have somebody to be sick of life with lol

    don`t be blunt with people but at the same time being hinest is good but it depends how honest you be lol

    don`t beat yourself up so much, justget out more and experience what life really has to offer

    and forget about the girl, find another girl who you can get along with ok and good luck yeah, wish you all the best

    • There are..but this isn't so hasn't offered me anything...and I never loved a girl like or got close to one...i don't forsee it happening anytime soon

  • See a counsellor you have depression...its chemical. Go to your doctor/teacher and tell someone who is in a real position to help you. Please don't go to extremes, I have had many depressed friends people are not all so judgmental as you seem to think you can get friends if you try, perhaps a new environment would help, like a new club that you could join. I have seen many people come out of this and so can you.

    No one has commented and that is because people are afraid to say the wrong thing to fragile people in case they try to kill themselves. Its not that they don't care or don't want to help they are just afraid they will do the wrong thing. Similarly with people in the real world.

    I suggest a new club/society, try to make friends in person. Write some letters to your old friends and keep in contact via email throughout the year.

    I hope this helps.

    There are forums that could also help you with depression and I suggest you look them up. I can talk to you about stuff too here if that will help.

    Be brave young soldier ;-)

    • I laready tried zoloft I'm on it now...and I don't wana waste a docs I don't know if I got the money or if my rents wanna pay...other people have rela problems theyve been raped or in just being a crybaby..i don't wanna waste anyone's time...i dunoo wut club to join...its like I can't fit in with anything

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  • I felt just like you last year. No one seemed to like me most of my "friends" used me. And I was miserable. In order to break out of this cycle you have to be the one to start conversations with others. As one of the girls said people aren't judgemental as you might think just talk to them and you'll realize that most people are actually very easy to talk to. Also don't try to commit suicide because you will be acting selfish for leaving your fanily in unbeliveable paim. I wish you the best of luck, and I promise things will turn around. Keep your head up!


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