Do you fall out of love easily?

Ok so this is a weird one but I can literally lose feelings for someone in a week.
Its like I will wake up and be like "I don't want this anymore".
I thought I was so happy in my current relationship but lately I have realised how controlling and jealous he is. I have been banned from seeing certain friends and all the things I love are ridiculed.
He refuses to come and visit my house because he hates my flatmate and we have to have sex in hotels as he hasn't told his parents about us yet.
i swear I have been such a fool for him but every day he promises the moon and stars to me and I guess after a terrible prior relationship he seemed like my knight in shining armour.
I always seem to pick the people with massive issues. I'm a good person and all I ask for in a relationship is Loyalty, Trust and Love. I don't care about money.
I have woke up this morning and I cannot feel anything.
But that's when I know it's over.
Just thought I'd leave a bit of background before I came across as some heartless bitch.
Just really would like to know if anyone can go from "I love this person" to "ugh you suck" over night. It's like I have an off switch.
Id really like to hear from anyone who has experienced the same instant loss of feelings and what the reasons for it was.
Thank you in advance to all who respond.
Do you fall out of love easily?
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