How do you get a guy to text you?

Me and my ex are complicated right now. I kinda have feelings for him but we're officially friends. I don't need an opinion on the situation I just want to know how to get him to text me. After we became friends he texted me the next day and then I texted him two days later (Sunday). we haven't talked since, I want to talk to him but I want him to make a friendship effort too


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  • There's really no way to answer this. If he wanted to text you he would have. You can't force him to. The best advice I can give is to not chase after him. You are ex's after all. If he misses you he'll start trying to text you again. But if you keep texting him there will be nothing to miss and he won't.

    • Yeah I know that part. But he plays so many games and used to complain about me not texting him first so I want to know if he's still playing games or if its a real friendship with no games

    • I've had guys say that to me too. Really though, if he's playing games, you don't want him anyway.

    • Yeah I agree thank you :)

  • Lol, are you serious?

    "How do you get a guy to text you?"

    UMMM IDK, how about you step out of your ass and text him first?

    Girls are soooo stupid these days. I mean, COME ON.

    • Yes.. I am serious.

      Maybe because I don't want to seem desperate, I mean COME ON so many girls do..

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