Should I still be with my ex sexually until I find someone else, or will that not happen because I am?

i am really desperate for answers or someone that has dealt with my situation. I was with my ex for 7 months and one night, well a month and a half ago, he out of the blue decided to try 2 work it back out with his ex. She is having a baby (not his 4real) and he wants to help her and work out a fam. it was hard @ first and its gotten better but we talk every day , like nothing happen and also have sex weekly ( he only sees her on the weekend and we live down the street 4rm each other). we kiss chill everything like how it was and I do it because I still like him a lot and want to b friends but the feeling are 2 strong and I want to cut it off, well need 2 cut it off but I can't I like him too much. I don't know bout the love thing and how long you should b with sum1 b4 you say you love them but that's the only thing that I can think of that keeps me not wanting to end this. please help on how to do it and am I I'm love with him?


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  • are you seriouse? show yourself some more damn respect then that, he's using you that's bad but what's worse is you know about it and your letting him use you and walk all over you are you crazy don't let anyone ever treat you like that your obviously a way better person then he is so tell him to get back with his ex and lose out on the best girl that dirtbag could ever have. your better then that and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, no one deserves to be walked on like that and if you want a guy to treat you like that you can start by not letting them do that because the more you show respect for yourself and the more you actually do respect yourself the more other people can respect you. and I believe that you should just stop talking to him definitely don't do anything sexual with him just say by and never talk to him again, I know what your saying easier said then done but really you got to trust me it maybe hard at first but in the long run you will be so much happier and will be glad that you did it, so I hope that you follow my advise, good luck and I wish you the best

    • Thx sweetie I agree

    • Your very welcome I'm glad I can help and I'm willing to anytime ya need it

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