Does my ex want me or just wants to be friends? And will she ever want me?

My ex wants to get to a stage where we become friends and everything works swimmingly, where we are both single and just both really happy..

I just want her back and want to show her how much we love each other and how good we would be, but she just doesn't want to go into a relationship with doubt or anything although she says she loves me misses me and still wants me.

Like should I just give her time to realise it and stuff, because she says she doesn't want a relationship but is still so madly in love with me but is hurt.

To give you some context, she found out a year later i messaged a girl twice for about 10 minutes each time just sexually, due to my crippling anxiety about her leaving me and moving onto a boy straight away, my anxiety was really bad and I wasn't aware of it until everything got leaked out, so I've had medication and counselling and know I would never do it again. She understands it was due to my anxiety, but she obviously still hurts because of it.

She hasn't put too much thought into it because it happened 6 weeks ago and we are both going through exams, what I'm trying to say if she truly truly loved me would she get back with me in time, or will it only ever just be friends in the future?
We are honestly so so good together, and were always so unbelievably perfect and had so so much fun, which makes me feel like even more of a c*nt for ruining it


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  • move on.. don't be friends with an ex..., this could be a deal breaker when you get into another relationship

    • but I love her so much, and we're all part of the same friendship group, and she was my best friend as well

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