Is nearly 2 years of friendship with this girl over?

I first meet her almost exactly 2 years ago , very randomly at a park here , she was with some gf's and they were on a dock and I was there doing some swimming.

then she started a job at a restaurant I went to and we developed more of a friendship after that and I saw a lot of her that summer. and I would of seen her again last summer as well at the bar a few times. we'd always get along well and she'd come over and talk to me. we never like dated but often obvious I was attracted to her and that she liked me

I felt that considering the age difference and random way we first meet , we had a pretty strong connection.

I've seen her a few more times this year and initial couple run ins seems normal and she seemed happy to see me.

but things went sour the last 2 times I saw her , 2 weeks ago we were at the same bar and things were just weird and another girl we both know was upset at me for some reason.

then just the other day things went really sour , it was weird she came up to me and acted really nice and seemed genuine but then brought over some random guy I had never seen before and said he was her boyfriend ( then she just suddenly walked away and never talked to again that night ) , they danced around a bit and she sort of looked at me and seemed to enjoy the fact I was upset

so is that how its going to end? I'm feeling rather hurt if that is the case
does anyone have any thoughs on this situation?
I saw her again the other day , think were still friends but things do seem a little weird between us


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  • seems like it

    • but doesn't it seem a little odd to suddenly end things now , sure there was reasons for it never to work out to begin with , such as age difference , geographical location as she lives 30 minutes or more away from me but we did manage to stay friends for a while

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