Tricky Situation?

Ok I matched with a girl on Tinder.. We went on a Friday night date. It started out great, she seemed a bit shy but I was blown away by how attractive she was. She told me I looked better in person then my pics... so all was going great, good conversation. I suggested going to another spot, as we left she grabbed my arm as we walked down steps. We went to a venue with live music, which looking back was a bad idea, conversation was difficult because of the noise level, but she touched my stomach and arm a couple times when talking to me... I blew it and didn't make a move when she initiated the touching, after that I felt like the date started going downhill, we went to another music venue (dumb) and then we left I walked her to her car, hugged and that was it. Getting gas in the way home I texted her saying had a good time and to let me know you made it home safe (looking back I shouldn't of texted). She said she had a great time and I was cool and sweet). I felt like I blew it and I texted the next couple days and we chatted and she said she wanted to hang again and wanted to come see my band play. so I made plans for the following weekend and she then texted me mid week saying she was going to visit family and had to take a rain check with no alternative date. I said no problem and said let me know if you want to hang out again, give me a shout. Put the ball in her court. Didn't hear from her for 3 weeks. Then I texted her to tell her my band would be playing next week and she seemed really excited and said let me know! I want to come! Recently I reset my tinder and as I was swiping her profile popped up, I swiped right and the next day we matched. I changed my pics up on my profile but I'm pretty sure she would of known it was me, and after we matched she deleted a large portion of her profile bio. So neither of us has messaged each other yet. I pretty much wrote her off but now seems like she may still have interest/attraction. how I should play this?


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  • you took too long to ask her out she waited for you to and in the mean time she waited she got tinder back

    • Seems to me if a girl cancels a date with out an alternative in mind she should reach out. I felt like I was doing all the chasing thus lowering my value.

    • its not lowering your value, if you like her you gotta take action again. it seems like she did like you though. if she seemed really uninterested thats when i would stop

  • well, if you're talking with her through text. AND she's
    rematched on Tinder. perhaps send her a note through one of those and ask her if she has a preference for platforms to talk?

    I would likely just say hello through tinder and ask her if she prefers to talk in there. It's possible she started to doubt the whole online thing and changed her mind and then changed her mind again. People can represent themselves a million different ways online.

    you could be super awkward about it

    you could simply not mention it (though I would have a hard time doing that)

    How do you want to play it out?

    • Well I was thinking about writing her in Tinder and saying something like, "well look who it is. Lol".

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    • wait - that makes it sound like it's a passive ghost zombie match... that's not what I meant to say

    • although that is a possibility.

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