Why do people stay in one sided relationships or relationships where they are controlled?

My sister boyfriend trys to change my sister into someone she just isn't. My sister pretty much is a boy with boobs only girl thiag about her is the fact she loves make up& doing her hair. Her boyfriend wants her to start wear dress, walking, acting and talking more like a girly girly its like her. My friend boyfriend is inscure and when they hang out 80% of the time its becuase he wants sex and she gotta talk him into doing anything else. She says she hates the fact al men are the same. So why does my sister and friend say with their bf? I got more storys they are worse but dont wanna over do it. I known my friend she the typle to stay with a guy to someone better comes along i belive


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  • It happens gradually and they gravitate to someone like that unfortunately.

    Also there are hormones and the whole love it blind theory.

    I was a really strong person and it happened to me. I justified everything even though my friends raised big big big concerns

    • What help u leave that person

    • Hey sorry I didn't see your reply. I left because the relationship was smothering to start off with, he made it so we had to do everything together and it was very controlling and he had lots of jealousy issues and he smothered me with love and then as soon as I moved in he started spending loads of time away from me and made me feel like I had to stay in the house because of the dogs. I felt trapped and one day when he cancelled all our plans to go out drinking I waited for hours for him to come home and he didn't so I thought screw this. Took all my stuff and left.

    • Sounds like my ex girlfriend current boyfriend with out the smothering part. Am sorry i knom ex is. Ex for. Reasom but for a long time i hate the fact she treated him like gold, while he treated her like that. I always respected my ex girlfriend wishes and was treated poor after a few months. I current have the world best girlfriend so am very happy and am now over my ex she end up getting a little chubby, has a double chine... no longer look anythinf like the girl i once fall in love with. Anyway thank you for your reply it helped and happy u moved on

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  • dick be bomb

  • they like to be controlled

    • Why would u like that

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