What helps with the pain of a breakup?

I've dated this guy for 2 years. He was just not adding to my life positively, and I hoped he would wake up one day and change but he never did. His behavior only got worse and I finally realized I needed to get out. We had broken up before under similar reasons but it was much harder than the recent breakup. It caused me emotional and physical pain and was especially hard on me because he left me without reason and abandoned me.

I know this breakup was the right thing for me to do. I know he wasn't healthy and constantly drove me crazy, but he was my first love and the love made it hard to leave but it wasn't reciprocated. I got closure this time because I had the balls to call him and things ended amicably. I can't begin to put into words how much pain I am in. My body literally aches. My body feels shaky and my mind feels scattered and fried. When I walk, it's like I'm just dragging so much heavy weight and I feel just out of my body. I will think of him a lot and even cry a lot. I will cry about things completely unrelated to him because my emotions are just haywire. I feel like a walking zombie. I read somewhere that
emotional pain activates the same pathways in the brain as physical pain. Which I can testify for.

Has anyone experienced such pain after a breakup? How do you get through it?


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  • they say there's a very fine line between love and hate.

    hate is a very powerful emotion you have to use it wisely.

    you need to hate him for leaving and abandoning you.

    even if a nice thought of him comes in your head, you need to say fck that dickhead and move on.

    you need to hate the idea of being with him. eventually even the idea will sicken you.

    remember though this doesn't have to be indefinite, just as long as you still give a shit about him. eventually you won't care about him anymore and you'd be happy to move on.

    I know it's a bit extreme but you can't keep feeling sad, that's very unhealthy in the long run.


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  • Go no contact, don't see him, don't contact him, block him from everything.
    Keep yourself busy and don't try to be alone too often in your own thoughts.
    Maybe take up a new hobby or do something you've always wanted to do but never did because of him.
    You need to tell yourself the truth that you only miss him because their is a massive void and that our brain loves to play tricks on us and how we can only remember the good instead of all the bad.

  • yes I did go through that it took me months to get over it but I finally told myself that there are plenty of women out there


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