Did my ex lie to me?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 days ago. He said that he wasn't ready for a relationship right now and just want to focus on work/himself. Basically he didn't have feelings for me anymore. What really hurt me was something he said almost happened. He had gone out of town for a friends wedding and one of the bridesmaids tried to hookup with him. He told me he didn't and told her no. But what hurt was this, he told me " I told her no not because I had a girlfriend but because I just didn't want to hookup with her." He thought so little of me, I basically meant nothing to him. Well today I went on tinder (that's how we met) to look at our old messages/ his photos and I saw he updated his profile. That means he is using tinder again. It feels like he lied to me when he said he wanted to focus on work. Plus its only been 2 days since the breakup (thats why it hurt.) What are your thought on all this?
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Do you think he had any feelings for me at all?
Did my ex lie to me?
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