Why does she still act like she wants me back but never wants to see me?

I'm sure it's because she wants to put me on a back burner but my question is why do women do this. what motivates them?


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  • No one can answer this question unless they knew the specifics of your situation with her. Or, the real reason for the break up in the first place. Not knowing those things. I can only assume it's because she has been hurt. She loves you and doesn't want to let you go. But, whatever happened made it to where she doesn't want to actually see you.

    • Well pretty much I had told her I'm young that I'm interested in experiencing more world that I'm tired of comforming to her ways... the reason why I had said this was because I thought she was going to break up with me first.

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    • oh believe me I went through hell... So I stopped pushing. I just let her go like a butterfly allowing her to choose if she wants to fly or come back and stay... either or we left eachother for the greater good of one another.

    • I understand!

  • For the same reasons men do it as well. Because she doesn't want "run out" of guys to be with and maybe you're a safe bet

    • that's interesting. She's not trying to manipulate me? to make me feel less without her, so that she feels she has more control over me?

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    • Honestly just let the situation like that. She wants you but not that much. I'm sure you treated her right giving her all that attention and sometimes we just want anything to do with someone but keep making it seem like it just for the way they treat us. She likes the attention, wants it without the commitment

    • I see... damn.. thank you so much for the clarification. I appreciate your time.

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  • man same is with me... we boys think that we are getting exactly what the girls want but they... are just... what to say out of the world type of thing most of the tym and always at those tyms where an serious heart decision is to made or taken... they do just opposite of what we have actually assumed or thinking of...

    • I think it has to do with gaining dominance

    • may be... well its an issue where all our intelligence and... decision making capability act reverse­čśť

    • But u should... Continue with ur efforts just be with him and do what naturally comes to u for her, I am sure one day or another she will appreciate it and... Will accept ur love, hoping for the best... All the best for ur near future

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