Is this a good reason to break up?

My boyfriend and I got into a fight two days ago. It started with him re-telling me a story being at a party. He was comparing me to some drunken girl and how insufferable she was just like when I am drunk, and that the last time I drank I kept falling over, being loud, etc (I was only drunk twice in a span of two years)

At first it was funny and I was trying not to take it to heart, but I told him it's not true about me when I'm drunk. However, then he was getting increasingly annoyed that I was not agreeing with him. He called two of his friends during our argument to see if he was right. The first couldn't remember and the second disagreed with him and said I was chill and level headed and adorable.

Depsite that, my partner told me he refused to continue the story unless I agreed with him. He would talk over me as would I. It ended up ending with me and him yelling at each other. He had asked me a question and I was getting around to answer it. He asked me to repeat his question and then answer it. As I was saying, "your question was" he was already cutting me off and telling me it wasn't the question before I could even get to it.

I got in his face because I was increasingly frustrated and he was purposely cutting me off. He put his hands on me, and told me to get the f out his house and that I should of never went in his face. Even his aunt walked in to asked what was going on and he told her nothing and that I was leaving. He kicked me out and told me to not f'ing talk to him. It's been two days and he hasn't said anything. Did I do anything wrong? What the heck am I supposed to do, i feel anxiety. I'm not excusing what I did but I can't put the guilt and blame all on me.
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Just to clarify, I have only been drunk twice in my entire life. I am not a drink, let alone a social one. I do not seek to get drunk; in those instances I just so happened to drink. Otherwise, I do not generally like it.
Is this a good reason to break up?
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