Clicking to remove my name or genuinely looking?

When my ex and I split last year, after struggling to remain friends, she hid her profile from me on Instagram and blocked me on Facebook (both unblocked now) to get some social media separation as is normal after a split. However we never stopped having each other on Snapchat and regardless of time of day we would look at each others story posts. Is/Was she just clicking on my name to remove it from the Recent Updates section (Rather than just remove me from there too so there wasn't a complete shutout. Or is/was she actually looking at what I posted for those few seconds (Using snapchat as a way to keep slightly updated on what each other is up to without having to start conversation)?
  • Clicking to remove my name (Has me on app to be polite)
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  • Actually briefly looks at what I post
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  • you should give third option. I wanna click that one.


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