Are you going to settle for someone less just to be right or are you going to make yourself happy & ignore what will other people think/say about you?

I really liked my ex but it is a one-sided love and both gave up on LDR set-up. There should be immaturity issues that could be worked out but he lost the interest. Initially, he was not interested on love and I invested more on the relationship unlike him. He is not ready for marriage, I am ready. He doesn't know what he wants, I know what I want. He thinks we are not compatible, but I have made adjustments. We could have worked it out even though we are not on the same page but he is not willing to do it. I got tired emotionally. He took me for granted and himself being egoistical, I think he is rejoicing and consciously trying not to care.


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  • you guys are done, right? i suggest, you move on and be happy with your life. you did your best to make the relationship work. you did your best to do your part as a girlfriend. that's his loss. someday you will meet someone who will make as much effort as you have had with your ex. don't settle for less than what you deserve. let them say whatever they want to say, they are not the ones in your shoes so what the fuck do they know, right? besides, no one else can live your life other than yourself. continue doing the things you love to do and get yourself busy, focus on your career and the other things you always wanted to do now that you're single.


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  • your question is wrong. live life don't ask questions like this one. you are just creating negativity for yourself


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