Help with closure?

I feel like things ended too abruptly between my ex-fwb and me. No real reason given for why I ended it except a text that told him I just couldn't deal with it being a secret anymore. We both knew this was coming. This had been my third time ending things with him. I developed feelings for him, told him I hated how we had to keep our f. w. b. relationship a secret and that was basically it. Now I can't help feeling like I cut it off too soon without giving him enough of a reason why. The catch is that he always said I didn't belong to him so I could leave if I wanted to. But he still asks about me to this day. I've thought of writing him a letter to explain but felt it might open another door for him to pursue me. In it, I'll explain why things ended the way they did and how I allowed my feelings to get in the way. A part of me isn't sure if this is the right move.

So, what do you think I should do?
Help with closure?
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