I Hate My Future Boyfriend's Ex.

There's this guy. I met him at this weak party. From the first time I seen him, I told my girls that I wanted and would have him. We ended up dancing the whole night , only with each other. After the party, we exchanged numbers and started seeing each other. He turned out to be nothing less than perfect. For me at least. I'm 18 and he's 22. He's a very successful local entrepreneur, college grad. We are into the same things. However, he does not want a relationship. He wants to focus on his future and I actually have no problem with that. I support him 100%. He encourages me to get on furthering my future too. With that said, he has a rich ex girlfriend who claims she's still in love. I hate her, long story short. I want to and do believe he's got more pride than to get back with her, after all she's selfish and spoiled but I know how much he has struggled in his life. She is closer to his age & with Daddy's card, she is able to gain connections she needs to be more successful. How do I convince him to be with me instead?


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  • You just said he doesn't want a relationship and you support him 100%. It sounds like he doesn't want to be with anyone.


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