I'm hurting so bad, I don't know what to do?

I got broken up with by my girlfriend. she got back with her ex and I didn't know I was the other guy and she only wanted sex from me. I loved and cared for her so much but she left me I didn't do anything wrong I tried to tell her how much I loved her but she hung up the phone so she could go to bed. that just hurt so f***ing much. I have been feeling like crap for the last 6 months and that is why I signed up to this site. I have been trying to find people who have had the same problem as me and it seems my problem is not uncommon. but the pain is not going away.Life increasingly seems pointless to me I don't know what the f*** to do.Is there anyone who can understand my heartbreak? I just can't take the pain anymore.


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  • First, let me say this; A broken heart sometimes means not wanting to go on.

    And honestly, that's the worst thing you or anyone can do for themselves.

    Don't call, don't text. It'll only hurt you more because of the rejection.

    The only thing you can do is move on.

    You don't want to be with someone as immature running back to ex boyfriends.

    It only fills a void in their life when no one else is there.

    There's always someone better. I can assure you that.

    But why girls do this to guys? I have no idea.

    It heartless and pathetic.

    You can do SO much better. Stop dwelling, it'll make everything worse.

    Stop calling, rejection hurts more than any kind of physical pain. The mental pain hurts even the strongest person.

    Stop thinking of her. She's obviously doing fine without you.

    Moving on is hard, but it's something that we always have to do.

    • Thanx Eli that was very nice of you! sounds like you have had your heartbroken too yeah. what eva I do and where eva I go the small things seem to remind me of her. these fricken small things are really hard to avoid. it is hard to get through a day without feeling sad and heartbroken but yeah I will try to move on.

    • Oh yeah.Only once. But it was the strongest pain I had ever felt. I know...the smallest things can remind me of my ex. For instance, the Sonic Cherry Limeade Chiller. His and my favorite drink. So I can see how the little things are hard to avoid. The only thing on your side is time. It heals everything. And if you're trying to get her out of your head, then you're doing just fine!

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  • I can empathise (not so much sympathise because I have never come even close to anything like that) and will say this much: the pain of betrayal stings all the more so when you invested so much of yourself in a relationship where the love was unrequited. My suggestion-do not lose heart and do not take this as a reflection of yourself or your self-worth; the fact this person acted in such a treacherous and frankly, sickening manner is indicative of their complete lack of character. What you need to do is find ways to preoccupy yourself and be productive; do things to improve yourself and over time you will forget about this affair and have much to show for it. With regard to that, as you improve yourself you'll be able to attract much better people who deserve your time and energy and who knows, maybe in a delicious twist of irony this person will come back and you can summarily dismiss them with a nice girlfriend in-tow.

    Do not lose heart and do not ever give anybody the right to make you feel bad for yourself.

    • Thanx man for the advice. that was very good of you. I think I will try to improve myself somehow.

    • Sure-think nothing of it and you'll see as you get things going it'll only be a little footnote in your otherwise productive and happy life.

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