Met a girl when backpacking through Europe and won't see her again?

so i met this russian chick (i ve always been into russian chicks) at a bar while travelling by myself in Europe. We really connected and she's really pretty and all that. At the end of the night i walked her back to her place and we kissed. I started to walk away then i turned away she was still there so we kissed again. She said she's sharing a bed with her friend so it's probabaly not a good idea for me to go up. so i left and never saw her again. i wasn't so upset right away cz i was still sorta drunk. i'm now starting to get depressed as i realized how great she was and i won't see her again and i didn't even get to fuk her. i don't even rememeber what she looks like or her name!!! I'm still travelling but i just don't feel like meeting new people anymore. What should i do? should i just go home?


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  • Sometimes you can have a good time with a person, and it doesn't need to be more than that. But if you want to keep in touch, you should get their Facebook or email in the future.


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