Should I feel guilty and apologise to him for this?

I started talking to this guy not long ago and it was going great, then out of nowhere he pretended he had hooked up with somebody on a night out and let me think it for an entire day. He knew I was crying and wasn't bothered, so I was like fine I will go hook up with other people. He wasn't happy, eventually he told me he was lying to see how I would react and if I cared enough about him. He didn't apologise. We made up and it was fine. Then he hid his 'read' receipt off of whatsapp and told me it's because I'm annoying and he wants to affect me. He tried agitating me by saying "I bet it's hurting you to not know if I've read your messages." And kept laughing and mocking me, which he later said was a 'joke' even though I was obviously hurt. He even tried to tell me I have personality disorders.

He kept being rude to me and said 'treat them mean keep them keen' and I got angry, I screenshot a chat of me flirting with someone else and said "you've been making me cry for days so I'm busy now bye." He kicked off, blamed it all on me, said I'm horrible and he never wants to talk to me again and we haven't spoken since. He was the one playing games but I feel guilty, I hate sinking to somebody else's level, do I apologise?
Should I feel guilty and apologise to him for this?
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