I broke up with my girlfriend - I can't give her another chance..

i broke up with my girl this time.. last 2 months my girl broke up with me and dated a guy for only 2 days.. she went back to me cause she said I am really the guy she really loves.. I accepted her apology and went back with her.. but the other night, my friend told me that he found my girl outside the house of another guy this time., I confronted her and said she met this guy through text.. well it p*sses me off because she had the energy to see that guy when before that I asked her to see me which she never did... as our argument went on, its like she was sorry for flirting with the guy.. damn.. she said to me that she did it cause she feels I was cheating when in fact I never did..take not of "feels" because there was no reason or evidence that I cheated at all, I was just busy at school and she knows that.. she was asking for another chance,actually for the last 4th chance(cause she flirted for 4 guys including this throughout our relationship).. I really love her. do you think I really need to give her another chance? she seems serious and she cried ...

please be free to comment if you need info or my story is to bias..

i just need a little advice or something that will say that I did the right thing.. please... tnx
I broke up with my girlfriend - I can't give her another chance..
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