How can I meet people?

So a year ago I moved to a new city for work (had to move away from my girlfriend as she was finishing up at university). Didn't make too much of an effort to meet people as spent all weekends with her and our 'friends' and called her every night. We broke up, she is living with all of our friends so they don't talk to me anymore and I know no-one at else so I don't see anyone anymore. Everyone from work is 25 years older than me with kids so can't start seeing them outside of work.

How do I meet new people? I seem to have lost all of my friends and it's causing me to gain a lot of weight as I can't find the motivation to get to the gym and it's causing a confidence crisis


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  • You've just to make an effort. You can meet people anywhere. On the street, play some sports, join some groups etc. You've just got to take any opportunity you've got if you want to change your current situation. Go on dating apps if you want to meet women, you can also talk to women at parties etc, get some wingmen to go with you. And yes, you can meet like minded guys online who will go out with you and wing you as well. There's lots of options. Also start going to the gym more, sure if you have no interest in it - don't, but if you want to go to the gym, force yourself. Don't give in to his tendency that we all have to minimize effort and become lazy.


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