What should I do after a guy has rejected me but he still comes to talk?

Hi there! I met this childhood crush after an ages on social network who has changed a lot and then we started talking for four months. I liked him alotz but I never spoke first. Everytime he used to be the one to message me first and call me back immediately after my single text. We used to do video chat hours and hours I was completely sure he was also into me. But then I just wanted to make sure and confess my feelings and I did. I said I respect him and his views who's always been motivating me and I like the way he is but you know what he then said thanks for the wonderful comment but he is not ready yet because he's just been out from a relationship. I was like wtf? We've been talking for four months in that way, he was the one who was more excited to talk with me but he said so when I wanted to make sure about it. I then said ok take your time till then we will be understanding each other then he just said hmm and nothing. He comes to talk still sometimes but I'm completely unknown and confused about this guy what is exactly running in his mind? Should I really wait for him and give him time or move on. There is another guy who I've started to talk after he's rejected me. And this guy is really sweet who is even willing to marry me. Yes I talk and walk around with him but I still can't take the first guy from my mind. Now I am confused between should I move on with this second guy or wait for the first one to take his time. Please help me out please :(


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  • move on... u 're wastin time for the first 1...

  • Mind games, unlike men to do this!


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