What is she thinking?

So I recently reestablished a friendship with a girl I loved 2 years ago and she's been very shortworded in her txts. She rarely if ever expounds on her life since we stopped talking years ago, and has seemingly no interest in mine...

Yet, when i recently 'called her out' on not txting for a few days she said "i didn't push send, im sorry... Im moving out tomorrow and im really excited and stressed...{heres the kicker} Maybe you could come a visit me sometime" (it should be noted we live 1000 miles apart)

Now what the actual Eff does that mean? We dont talk as we did, she shows nearly no interest in me yet... She wants me to visit?

I replied "id like that! Maybe you can finally visit Canada..."

She replied "that's (sic) be cool!!!"

And then back to shortworded replies once a day

Is she effing with me? she's only 21 so... Lol, probably

Need more context? PM me


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  • she only sees you as a friend

    • Thats a given, i just though friends would be a little more talkative and open to nostalgia.

      Its just a weird level of... Interaction. Being at near polar ends of the spectrum.

      Thanks for replying

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    • it's possible, but the odds are against it.

    • I like those odds

      So what are you basing that off of? I value your opinion b/c i dont know what its like to be a <25 girl in todays era :p

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  • She probably sees you as a freind from her past and some people like to go see thier freinds. Given that she does not normally text back I don't think that she likes you but since she can go see you. She thinks that it would be nice to pop in.

    • Yeah, it makes sense. Still, it gives me pause... I guess i dont know what to expect from a 21 y/o ex... I thought the time we shared would be worth more than 10 words or less replies to my msgs. Its unlike any nostalgic friendship I've rekindled... And of course, i still have feels for her

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