My girlfriend broke up with me. I hired an escort the next day to dampen the pain. It worked once I was finished receiving the escort's services, but will it make the post-breakup trauma worse?HIRING ESCORTS: SOLUTION OR ADDITION TO BREAK UP PAINS??


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  • Well I'm single a guy who's always rented women and I can say it's waayy better than dating or having a girlfriend. Where if m from it legal so I have my pick from various model looking types, guranteed sex and it's a fantastic experience that has improved my health vastly. When I started dating and trying to find a girlfriend I wa suicidal and depressed of the degradence and humiliation women made me go through. Also not to mention, the leftovers or choice of women which was given to me like unnatractive women.

    I'm a good caring nice guy and we nice guys deserve beautiful women. It's only right...

    • I am glad that someone can tell me that there is a bright side in all of this. I admit that I could really see where you are coming from.

      When I hired the escort, I had this feeling of excitement and happiness because the most intimate thing in a relationship is easily given to you for a materialistic price. There are no risks of heartbreak or depression and you can move from one girl to another just like that.

      Unfortunately, it is frowned upon by people in general... especially after you've just experienced a break up. I'm worried about the reason why people dislike it. That's why I ask.

      Would you recommend doing this until you feel like you're ready to move on to a relationship?

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    • to your last comment- Amen brotha

    • If it flies, floats and fucks then dont buy it... only rent it.

      Good day!

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  • if you have a problem it's better to deal with hiring someone to temporarily make you feel better seems like an inadvisable option


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