How to Stop Being Anxious/Scared of Ex?

Long story short, I loved her, she broke up.

We work at same company, it's been a year and I'm better/over her.

But occasionally, we have to work the same time in the same areas.

We don't talk to each other, but are professional.

The problem is deep down inside, I'm uncomfortable/scared/anxious when I have to work with her.

How can I stop these feelings?
Help I'm nervous


Most Helpful Guy

  • maybe just bite the bullet and talk to her about random things , it will stop maybe rumours that she's spread about you it will make you feel more comfortable and stop the anxiety

    • She started rumors?

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    • She broke up with me though

    • be the bigger person show her that past is past and you've moved on show her that your happy for her and you would like to me friends unless you want her back then your gonna have to talk to her to to win her back we only fear the unknown but try be positive

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