I want to start getting into astronomy and I was looking to get a telescope. One I could connect with my computer and take pictures. Keep in mind, I don't know anything about telescopes, so preferably one that is easy for beginners. Also in the $200 range


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  • Well, your first decision will be whether you go with a reflector or a refractor scope. Generally, reflectors give better images, but they are typically more expensive.
    As far as something that will connect with a computer, you can buy one that is readily equipped with digital interface, but it’ll be far beyond $200. An alternative would be to purchase a standard scope along with a USB eyepiece camera that will fit it. Eyepiece cams are getting really popular in optics because they can do everything the integrated digital scopes can do at a fraction of the price. If you do decide to go with that option, you’ll firstly need to make sure that the eyepiece will fit the ocular socket on your scope. There should be a size in millimeters on your ocular, so make sure the camera will fit it. Secondly, you’ll have a wide range of options as far as camera resolution. Low-res cameras are cheap ($30-$60), but of course they give low res images that aren’t really good for anything but things like projector display for classrooms. As resolution in the cameras goes up, so does the price. You’ll just have to shop to see what’s available at your budget.
    Lastly, I’d also try to stay with name brand optics if you can afford it. They’ll last longer and perform better, and they usually have better warranty/service coverage. I’ve never known anyone who was satisfied with purchasing cheap, off-brand optics.
    Good luck!

  • Nah i want to get stonned tho wear night vision goggles point a laser pointer up at the night sky and see what happens seen a video on YouTube orbs we're following his laser pointer was weird

  • check out /r/astronomy on reddit. They'll help


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