Need some advice here?

So basically I've been broken up with my girlfriend for more than a month.
she's been with a new guy already for a few weeks.

I talked to get recently. she still care about me but made it clear she has a boyfriend and can't see me.

I'm out of my mind right now from love sickness but I want to buy her flowers and a card or something and ask to see her for a few minutes after work. Or tell her she doesn't have to see me but I want to give her them.

Not even to get her back right away. Just to show I care.

Am I being delusional and stupid or should I go for it?
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What Girls Said 1

  • It feels like the right thing to do just to show you still care and quote possibly have leftover feelings after the breakup - but no don't do it because this'll only make the love sickness worse. Doing that won't change her mind or, at best, you'll make her feel guilty. The best thing to do is just let go since she's with someone else now. It's all you can do...

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    • I'm sorry...

    • I guess all I can do is wait

What Guys Said 2

  • You are heartbroken and in that state of mind, you shouldn't be doing anything regarding your ex. I know it feels like torture, and maybe you think that if she sees you and how sweet you are for still caring that she will consider taking you back or giving you a second look, but she won't. She has moved on and has been moved on. My guess is that the relationship was over for her some time before the actual break up because of how fast she did find someone new.

    Leave her alone, cry as much as you need to over her, and let the heartbreak takes it course. This will not be forever and you will get over her.

    • You're right. thanks dude.
      I'm trying to divert my thoughts whenever hers pops up

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