My Ex Girlfriend texts me while in rebound realtionship?

My ex girlfriend left me for someone else, i went NC right away and about a month and half later i get a text out of the blue. She basically said i know it's shitty that i'm texting you right now but i just wanted to check in. She brought up some happy memories and asked how i was. She even said it had been bothering her that she hadn't heard from me. she seemed like she missed me and that it was genuine. I kept the conversation short and made sure to stay positive and acted as if i was completely unaffected by the breakup. I even ended the conversation saying i had to go and that it was good talking to you. She seemed upset when i had to go. I want her back but i don't want to screw things up especially since she's in a rebound relationship. How should i go about this situation if i want to steal her from this rebound. Should i try and make a connection again or should i stay backed off as i have been and let her chase me? I don't need you to comment how i should move on, i just need a strategy to go about this. If she hadn't texted me i would've stayed NC but she texted me first so obviously she either misses me or has some sort of feelings for me still. I know girls like a challenge and being desperate is a big turn off so i just need a strategy to guide me in the right direction.


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  • she is not over you


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