How do I forget about a girl who is not interested me?

so i originally texted a girl i really liked... we both were interested but then she texted me with short responses and then stopped texting me... now i just want to move on and want to be happy... somehow i keep thinking about her


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  • Actually, she probably is interested except she could be shy. Shy people usually tend to reply back with short responses and sometimes not even respond at all.

    • everytime i texted her she gave like careless answers and stuff.. she told my friend she doesn't want to be in a relationship and now she doesn't text me at all... i just want to move on but i feel pain

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    • she wasn't in a relationship actually but i made her laugh in text but over time she stopped caring and now stopped texting i told her i miss her and she stopped texting but now i think im just broken

    • Believe me, you're not broken. This happens to everyone. Life will have its up and downs. Don't worry though, if it wasn't meant to be, it's really not meant to happen. You'll find someone and when you do you'll just know it. You won't be asking questions and you won't be doubting whether or not she likes you because you'll just know that she's "the one." If this girl is causing you so much stress anyways the relationship will just be filled with stress and shit. You got this. Just give yourself some time to recover and you'll be back in no time:)

  • Tried moving on, ignore it, think ab something, else, or try with another girl


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