How to un-invite him?

The other day my best guy and one of my best girl friends were hanging out and my BGF were talking about how excited we were for the an all GIRLS trip to Houston but while were down there my guy friend (who likes me and I like him) is going to meet up with us and bring two of his friends for both my best girl friends although we mentioned it was an all girls trip my guy friend kind of invited himself by claiming he has always wanted to go and would love go we both didn't want to be rude so we kinda unsurely agreed but now not only is the cost for hotel going to go up (which both girls are kinda p*ssed off ) but this trip is kinda a bonding trip for the girls and its going to be awkward for me because my guy friend (the one who invited himself) kinda has a crush on me which would bad because I'm going to hang out with my guy friend that I actually were like... and my second best girl friend is not comfortable with him going. but it wouldn't be so bad to uninvite him but he has so called is getting over excited and started looking up stuff for to do and looking up where we are going to stay! so my question is how do I let him gently without losing his friendship?!
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OK OK OK I'm sorry! lol I totally made up my word ""disinvite" I thought it would sound cooler :P
How to un-invite him?
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