I broke up with my boyfriend, is it too early to get him back?

well we broke up, on june

26, well I broke up w/him

and he didn't respond to the

break up like he didn't say

okay,fine,we over NOTHING,

so I broke up w/him because

he never contacted me for

4days, so I figured that was

his way of breaking up,so i

broke up with him before he

could with me and also i

said the reason were

breaking up is because he

lies,and to that he never

responded. So 1.Is it to

early to try and get him

back or not? and 2.What are

some new tips on getting

him back? because I know is

hard for a girl when shes

the one who breaks up an

relationship. Thanks,and no

harsh comments PLEASE.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Hmmmm...seems complicated to get him back but think it twice if you were the one who gave him breakup then why you still attracted towards him? well life's another theory is to move on. If you really want him back just go straight ahead and say him that it was you who couldn't understand him...apologize and say him that he is still special for you...if not so then let him go and wait for your Mr.right ;)...I hope this reply wasn't harashing

    • LOL not harsh at all it was very helpful!!! thanks and if you have anymore advice I'm here to learn lol :)

What Girls Said 1

  • It might be too early- I am sure his pride is hurt, and it might take some time for him to be comfortable enough to want to contact you. This is what I would do- call him. If he doesn't answer and you get voicemail, leave a carefully thought our message on it, like the following:

    "Hi (name), this is (name). I've been thinking and I have realized what a terrible mistake I've made. I'd love to talk with you when you are ready to talk. I love you"

    Leave it at that. The ball will then be in his court, and when he is ready he wioll call you. One thing I've learned is to give men space when something like this happens. It won't do any good to repeatedly call him. Hell just shut down. good luyck and I hope everything works out for you.

    • Thanks,im gonna do it next week if it doesn't work i.ll be fine with that lol.

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