Autism + break ups. anyone can relate?

So a while ago I ended the relationship with this girl. she had given up on our relationship. so I saw no point of continuing even tough I did love her.

now I still have her on my mind on a daily basis. but thats not what this is about. the hard part is this. I have autism and a part of that is ODD. it causes my brain to overload on thoughts. it shows me all the positive scenarios and all the bad. (her laying with someone else in bed for example)

it also leaves me with a lot of "WHY" questions. answers that I've never gotten from her as to why she had given up. I still have no clue as to where it went wrong. Tough it's not the break up that's killing me but my brain wich keeps going and going and going.

it often gives me sleepless nights. just laying in bed thinking about the littlest of things. but yh mostly what I explained. with a depression behind me (it still lingers a little bit) u can probably figure out how it makes me feel from time to time.

so my question is can some people relate to this? do you have these issues aswell? the over thinking part not the break up part. that just part of life ^^. let me know, share ur opinion.


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  • i can't relate to you fully because i'm pretty much neurotypical aside from some anxiety problems in the past, but i use to often replay scenarios over and over again until it made me feel physically and mentally sick. ( it was really bad, i often had emotional breakdowns) :( but i would say just try your best to distract yourself!!! you deserve as much as love as you put out. good luck, friend. :)

    • thanks and I know the right person is out there. just gotta bump into her :). it would just make me happy if it all was a bit less of a struggle u know. but I'll be fine in time. thanks for the sweet words 😘.

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