Guys, I have a new boyfriend, but I think about my ex everyday. Am I still not over him?

I was with my ex for 8-9 years. Broke up 9-10 months ago. I've been dating for 5-6 months and got together about 2 weeks ago. He's a wonderful guy. But I literally think about my ex everyday since we broke up. I'm at the point where I actually despise my ex so much because I can't wrap around my head how I was treated unfairly despite seriously loving that guy. Am I not over him or is this normal?


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  • Sounds like you are "on the rebound".

    You didn't mention ANYTHING about him so that tells us that you really don't give a rat's ass about him but are obsessing over the ex.

    I don't think things will last long with the new guy...

    • I didn't mention because the question is about the ex. Honestly, I have a very good relationship with my current guy. But I actually feel bad that I still think about my ex everyday.

    • Well, that's my point. You are thinking more about the ex and discussing him more than making the case for the new boyfriend. Believe me, we ALL go through this too. I still think almost all the time and often dream about an ex who dumped me before you were born.

    • Haha. It comforts me to know other people go through this too!

  • I think about her too, every day, because I'm not over her
    You describe my position exactly (apart from i'm single)


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