My relationship is in a major crisis - Help?

My girlfriend is girly girl type who basically can be needy. When she feels that I'm distant from her it's like she emotional tears down & starts to give up on me(the relationship). We've gone through this for the 3rd time now. An from it all she says the problem is with me. So I've been trying my best to fix myself and keep it from happening. She's on PMS right now so I don't know if that has something to do with our situation but, she's probably deciding on whatever to end our relationship or not. What can I do to keep her from leaving me? I don't wanna let her go. Please Help me


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  • Tell her that, tell her how much you don't want your relationship to end...

    • I did but I was unprepaired really

    • Just give her time and space.... If she's really just "pmsing" shell get over it...

    • Ok thanks I appreciate it so much thank you!

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  • when I get upset with my boyfriend, similar things happen. I may say that I don't want to talk to him or want to be left alone, but I really wish he would just keep calling me (because then it would at least seem like he cared, even if in a slightly annoying way) or, even better, just show up at my house. I wouldn't be surprised if your girlfriend feels similarly.

    • Yeah when I keep texting her she was being an asshole to me yesterday and why she was upset wasn't even my fault.

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  • withdrawal from her. Don't say why either. Don't talk to her for a while. At least 2 weeks. If she starts texting/calling tell her you want nothing to do with her until she gets her sh*t together. Let her know your life is going grand (although it might not be).

    The "push pull" mind trick almost always works. You pull away from her and she will push.


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