Do I forgive?

I met a girl this past winter and we quickly grew into each other. We got into a relationship for a week, then she decided to get into another relationship with another guy leaving me in the dust. Out of disbelief and anger, I ignored her as much as possible. But she thought I was overreacting. I became really p*ssed off when she said that and fully ignored her.

A month later after a track meet, one of her friends tricked me into talking to her. She said she was sorry and didn't mean for those things to happen. She still wanted to be friends and I told her as long as she is with that guy, I won't forgive her. She is still with him today.

My question is even though she said her sorry, do I believe it and forgive her?


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  • I think you overreacted, Sweetie. Sorry. Knowing a girl for A WEEK does not mean

    you are in a relationship? You barely even met her and already you think she's your girlfriend? You need to S L O W down... and not assume! It takes time to get to know a girl before she reaches girlfriend status. You only sound needy and desperate. You really had no right to get mad at her - UNLESS she TOLD you she was your girlfriend in only ONE week... which was wrong on her part. I think she realized her mistake... ( IF she told you she only wanted you)... and is genuinely sorry. If you are a gentleman - and can realize how fast that week went - and understand she is really a nice girl concerned with having hurt your feelings to p*ss you off so bad... MAYBE you can forgive her? Don't you want her happiness? Sometimes it's not with US... Be a bigger person - please don't think a week makes a relationship. That is simply NOT true. Give yourself time to work on a friendship = do things together - hang out - whatever you like...BUT THIS is what makes a relationship... not just talking to somebody for a week? That is unreasonable and not very realistic, Sweetie. You are jumping in WAY too fast and setting yourself up for heartbreak. Do you care who the person is? Or do you just want to BE IN A RELATIONSHIP with anybody? Think about it... Work on you - show a little more self confidence and build your self esteem. A girl will not complete you. She is supposed to enhance your life... NOT become it... You see what I mean? Give her a break. Forgive her.. and MOVE ON. Do not make that same mistake twice of living a fantasy, filling in the blanks of what you WISH was true... when it really isn't. Hugz.

    • I actually knew her more than a week. I knew her for five months. its not the relationship thing I was really mad about, its the fact that she left for another guy that p*ssed me off. even though I knew her for five months, the relationshipwas a week. she did say I was her boyfriend. if she didn't feel ready, I would of been completely fine to back off a little bit. but I just feel that its wrong to be with someone and leave them that fast for another person. that's what is really bothering me.

    • We didn't get her side of the story and I wonder if she left you little clues before she decided to bolt from you so suddenly? If she was happy with you - why would she leave? If she just got bored overnight - she's not the girl for you anyway. Sounds too immature to be in a relationship. Consider this a blessing in disguise. She saved you from a lot more heartache. Get p*ssed off if you need to - and then forget it. She's not worth your grief. Life is short - Find a woman who adores you.

  • Don't blame you for being p*ssed off - but she left no clues that she was unhappy? Must be a GREAT actress? Or did you want a relationship SO BADLY that you may have pressured her? Consider it a blessing in disguise that she is gone. Anger won't help your situation - just learn from it - and find a girl who is mature enough to be your girlfriend. Clearly, this one wasn't it. Just move on - Life is short. Sometimes we win and sometimes we don't. Good luck.

    • Thanks! I kind of needed someone I don't know to tell me this. my friends are okay on advice, but they lack in experience. but anyways thanks!

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