Was I in the wrong acting as I did?

I recently broke up a couple. I had a massive crush on my co-worker and her boyfriend was this very angry and insecure guy. He felt so threatened by another man's presence around his girl he held a teen against the wall just for opening a door for her. He left my current workplace when he started screaming at our managers and a few co-workers. The guy has a serious anger issue and when he went on his screaming rampage I found her in a bathroom stall crying. He had left the establishment already and I comforted her. I started being flirty with her after the incident and we sort of just clicked. I told her we could not date unless she broke up with him because I don't accept cheating. Am I in the wrong or should I have helped this relationship. She told me she has felt like her relationship with him was ending a long time ago. So am I a bad person?
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  • Well since she also felt like the relationship wasn't good for her, there isn't anything wrong with what you did. You maybe should have waited a while with the flirting and helped her as a friend first, but since it turned out fine, I don't think you did anything wrong.

    • She did at one point tell me I was the reason she was leaving the relationship. They had been going out for 5 years... she said otherwise she prolly would have stayed...

Most Helpful Guy

  • No, you're not in the wrong. You told her no cheating and she was cool with that. The only thing I would be worried about is being a rebound. For her to go from one relationship to the next so quickly is kind of scary territory in my honest opinion. But you were a gentleman and that is what matters.

    • I am more concerned that the guy is going to literally not figuratively try to murder me. If he was willing to threaten a guy for simply opening a door imagine what he would do to me XD

    • Hmmm... we'll see I guess.

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  • It's good that you were clear about your views. But the decision is hers after all.

  • Definitely not. I wouldn't be surprised if he was abusive behind closed doors.


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