Why does my ex want to be my fwb?

My ex for 4 years broke up with me because she needs a break, she says we nights get back together but why does she want to be my friends with benefits if she wants a break? Is there possibly someone else?


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  • Yes, there is someone else... but she wants you, too.

    Don't do it. She's playing you, Sweetie. If she missed you and truly cared, she would want YOU as a boyfriend... not some friend with BENEFITS. Apparently - the sex is great between you? She doesn't want anything more. Forget the FWB .. if you don't... you are setting yourself up for more heartbreak. You want to go thru that again? She wanted the BREAK in the first place to date other guys. Sure, she's missing you - but NOT as a boyfriend. DO NOT DO IT.

    You will regret it... and then if you DO take her back on HER terms? She knows... that she can reel you in anytime she wants. Have respect for yourself and your feelings. Don't ever let a girl do this to you. Her "proposal" is offensive and only makes her look like a horny player.

    Ugh. Is THIS what you want for a girlfriend? Please cut her loose... and MOVE ON to find a lovely girl who will ADORE YOU ALONE! You are a great guy... you deserve a great girl. She's not it. Sorry.

  • hmmmm

    I will suggest you that you communicate ur doubts and thoughts to her in a sweet way .. be direct and tell her wz going on in ur mind..

    Keep trst strong and make her feel Happy and keep reminding her she's imp and special for you ..

    Good Luck :)


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