Struggling to let go?

so I used to have something with this girl, it lasted for 6 months and ended rather abruptly. The thing is that she still had a boyfriend during the entire ordeal and she ended it all of the sudden without even discussing it with me. basically it took me 4 months to get her to say that it was all my fault.. Which is rather convenient but complete bs.

So then I broke off contact until we met up 9 months later. Foolishly I started having contact with her again and the chemistry came right back. She still had her boyfriend but wanted to know what I felt for her and that she still had feelings for me.

So after this things started getting heavy again.. She kept saying she wants more with me but still loves her bf. But she sees a future with me... For now she wants me to be her best friend!

Now this really started to get on my nerves cause what good does that do?! I would just constantly go nuts if I had to be around her and not be able to show her that I like her. So I told her that I didn't want to just be friends. So she got mad at me because I was letting her go and our friendship.

The thing is that we already discussed that it might be better for us not to have too much contact because it always leads to more. I know that it’s for the best, if she’s not willing to make an effort. But I’m still sort of hung up on her and having a hard time to let go.

The thing is that I’m still not sure if she meant what she told me or is just using me!


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What Girls Said 1

  • having no contact is best!

    she might like you some but if she really wanted you than she would break up with her boyfriend.

    also consider even if she did break up with that guy would you really want her? she dated you while she had a boyfriend, she could end up doing the same thing to you.

    • I'm trying to avoid having any contact with her...

      she tries to make me feel guitly for not wanting to be her best friend anymore, even though any frienship is only on her terms when it suits her!

      I already considered that she simply can't be trusted, especially since I wasn't the only 'other guy'. the difference is that she doesn't seem to want to let me go and it never went past kissing with the other guy...

      Honestly I have no idea if I would turn her down, still like her too a lot.

What Guys Said 1

  • Dude.

    Your crushing hard, and no you can't be her friend.

    Move on. Maybe someday you'll see her again and it'll be awesome - but right now its not. Ignore her for a long long time.


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