Can someone please help me find away to say how I feel, without hurting his feelings?

I don't understand how come. I can tell my firends, I can get on here and say how I feel, hell, I'm known for speaking my mind. but for some damn reason I can't tell my husband excetly how I feel.


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  • well what is it that you feel? That will determine how to approach the situation. Generally concise, to the point and without any way of misinterpretation is the way to go though some times you need tact if its a sensitive topic.

    • I feel like he, only care if sex is involved. he bitches about wanting to chill out and watch moves, so the other night I got the movies. we didn't watch them bc once he realized, "no sex" he huffed rolled over and was out. so latnight I tested him, gave him sex and after 4 hrs of it he passed out.

    • Okay well what is it that bothers you, that he doesn't seem to care unless sex is involved? If that's the case then just come out and say it, give examples of this occurring and tell him what you want out of the relationship.

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  • make a nice dinner pouring a glass of wine and right in the middle of eating just blurred out how you feel just say it the way it is don't keep it inside because it's just going to make things bad and if you have a good marriage you don't want to do that keeping things bottled up inside of you instead of talking to him about it is a bad thing I wish my wife would have talked to me about things but she didn't she just let it build up inside tell it was eating her up and the next thing I knew we're getting separated possibly even divorced but she has been pretty mean to me which is depressing for myself because I love her so damn much hopefully yours will smooth out and I wish you the best of everything

  • What do you want to say exactly specifically?

    • I want to say... do what I do for you. Then tell me how, I bitch at u all the time. or see what I do for you compared to what u do for me. see both to me are not childish to me. bc I feel that bc he's 44 and I am 32 then I shouldn't have to point out to him. why sex ain't like it used to be.

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    • Good, it's a start. Take some time to build your thoughts and write them down. Take the to three thing that bother you no matter how many there are and select one to work on. Start easy as a couple with a plan and see what works.

      Explain that it is trial and error not demands and ultimatums. Gotta learn to get along and all.

    • I write all the time. that's how to keep my head on. then I was on goggle plays store just browsing then I for this so i decided to write here!

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  • Sometimes you just have to say what you need to regardless of someone else's feelings. If your needs aren't being met, there's a point where you have to take precedence over everyone else.


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