Do I was doing somethink wrong in relationship?

(im sorry for my language)(im 17 , he 18) so i met with this guy at facebook. after texting for 2weeks we desite to meet. after that meeting i was like "hell no, he is not that guy) , bc he was talking with me like with friend and thats all. but... but.. we been together 4 months. we act like couple but he never ask me "do you wanna be my girlfriend?" or somethink like that. i was not sure , and i was too scare to ask him about this. he is taurus. and he never told me how he feels about men, never called me pretty , but he was shouwing he's care with long hugs and kisses, holding hands. at the summer begging he started to not texting me. it was weird bc we texting everyday , when i wanted spent time with him he was like "im very busi". but on facebook i saw his post like "who wanna play basketball?" and so on. its been a week of silence. i get drunk with my friends. and.. i text him (it was first time when i text him like that).
i text him "i like you". he " what makes you like me?" . me "comunication"(i meant by that talks with him, cuddling..) , and he aswered me "i like myself too". i was almost crying. after 4 months he can say just " i like myself too". after couple of days i ask him (throught messeges) "so we do not talk , no meetings.. breakup or not?", he "i guess"(he meant "yes"). so we breakup. after 12 days he text me. " i have a question, iam more handsome in reality than photos, right?" , me "you look the same if you not using photoshop". so thats it. i dont know why he text me like that, why after so much goid time he started disapearing..

Do I was doing somethink wrong in relationship?
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