Will he come back?

How many of you have gone through a break up and went back to the girl? My ex wanted to end things. He said he didn't see a future with me and isn't sure if he ever loved me... this was after a year and a half together... I just dont believe him.. i was introduced to his family. I was injected into his life and everything pointed toward this being something more. We had a good relationship, got along well, never faught. He said I was everything he wanted but didn't have that feeling toward me. I think he got scared the relationship was getting serious or that things needed to move to the next level... do you think he'll realize he made a mistake and come back? Has that ever happened to any of you? I'm so confused and can't stop wondering why.


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  • no need to be confused too much.. u know what when a suddenly give break up... there's a reason behind it maybe he got someone else... as u say that in your relationship everything was fine still he gave u break... so its a clear sing that he don't want to be with you anymore... he got someone else... i know its a very hard time for u to think what is right and wrong... but u have to make understand yourself that he left u... nothing else...

    • hey i want to know more about your relationship... do u have any other way to walk nicely like whatsapp and any other app?

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    • i mean to say would u like to do friendship with me?

    • No thankyou

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  • my ex broke up with me and came back to me after a few weeks


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