Is he gonna contact me?

I have been dating a guy we were into each other things were amazing he is straight forward and wanted a relationship he is a bit shy then he started to withdraw but he was texting Everyday I ignored him once he got scared and asked to meet we had amazing night he wanted to test the water maybe see if I like him still we kissed next day he sent me Long text we want us to take it slow and be friends first.. and he think we are going to fast.. since then I'm abit distant but he is doing a careful effort with me just texting everyday and when he is drunk but I'm doing nothing just replying Friendly.. I stopped contacting him and him too as I was cold with him.. it's been a week will a guy do effort again and contact her if he likes her and she mean to him..


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  • No, if he finds himself doing all the effort, he wouldn't, because he sounds like a very practical guy.

    • Didn't he decide we should be fiends first then he shouldn't be sensitive am I right ! Or he assume I will be available forever

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    • And if hurt! Will he do further effort

    • He should if he really likes you, But there's a possibility that he made this decision just to end things smoothly.

What Girls Said 1

  • he will keep it for a while


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