Long term relationship breaking up?

For those who have a relationship that has lasted (several months, or years), and who have broken, what's the cause of having broken?


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  • The first time was because he cheated on me.

    The second relationship was because he decided it was too much work to be in a relationship with a woman with an anxiety disorder, so he started dating a woman with a physical disability instead.

    The last one was because I was moving home and he didn't want to come with me, and I didn't want to ask him to do so.

    • But if he loved you why did he that for an anxiety disorder..

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    • N'as tu pu remarquer qu'il l'est qu'après une longue durée ensemble? genre pas au début?

    • It was a long distance relationship, so honestly I didn't notice that he was a twat until I moved in with him after literally uprooting my entire life.

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  • I dated my last girlfriend for 2 years. I loved her and would have done anything for her. she wanted me in her life when it was convenient for her. One-sided relationships do not have much of a future.

    • How a couple that held years ends up breacking, it's weird

    • I was very patient waiting for her to learn to appreciate me. It never happened.

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  • Umm well id say these were pretty short relationships considering i was in highschool but the first one we were young and he had just started to get into partying a year or so in and realised he didn't wanna settle so young. (fuckboy) Second one was we started basically living together at like 17 and we got sick of eachother cuz we were both immature. Been in a relationship since then for 3 years now so lets hope I dont have anymore stories lol

  • I'm 16 and me and my boyfriend have been dating for like a month. We were flirting for over a year though.


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