When you feel like you'd be better off in the ground?

the one thing I wanted more tha. anything in my life was a child. I got one on my birthday 13 years later. now everyday I'm forced to sit and think about him. knowing I have no chance of his mom letting me see him. I'm sorry but that is the worst gut wrenching and most haunting feeling imaginable. and I'm forced to live with it daily. so what's the point anymore.


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  • Fight for your child. You fight for things that you love. Don't lay down and roll over. FIGHT FOR THIS!

    • I will when it's time to. but until then everyday I live in a complete hell.

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    • Give up then.

      Things don't always turn out right. That doesn't mean you stop trying though.

    • nothing ever turns out right. this is the time where the villians win.

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  • seriously your going to sit and weep like a bitch (not referring to a woman) because some one is keeping your child from You? Here is a thought FUCK YOU YOU SNIVELING PUSSY. When my marriage ended I fought with everything I had to make certain I was a part in my kids lives. yeah its tough , so what. your kid needs you. so pull your head out of your ass and fight for him even if it, means you lose every fight every day , fight. I would murder the fucking world for min so keep pretending you love him or or show that you do you

    • watch ur throat before you fuckin lose it. im the wrong mutha fucker. if ya read the while fucking thing I said I'm not done fighting I just have to wait til my time is right. so jump off this thread and into traffic bud. have a swell night.

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