Do I let her run all over me?

I'm a pretty nice person I think. but people tell me I let others run all over me especially my best friend.

I'm slightly starting to believe this because I go out of my way to make sure everything is okay for her and all I get back is nonsense yelling..

She makes me do everything for her and demands it not asks. She'll cuss me out anytime she feels the need. even if its over someone else.

She doesn't take care of my stuff at all.. she's thrown my phone (the piece of sh*t, barely working, holding by a thread phone) into the woods in the pouring ass rain. and never said two words about it.

everything always has to be around her. if I ask her to do something for me, she does it around her schedule. sometimes it doesn't even get done until a few days later.

i can't have friends that she already isn't BEST friends with.

She'll bitch and raise hell about everything I do. and she'll do it in a crowd of people. and everyone says I let her run all over me because I never do anything about it. I just take it.

which isn't true.. I just choose not to bitch at people in front of everyone they know or the entire school for example.

so.. am I letting her take advantage of me and should I change? be more dominant?

or am I doing the right thing?

keep in mind, me and this friend haven't known each other for long.. only like 8 months. but ever since we met, we've been really close.

and I tell her everything even though, she's not so good at keeping secrets sometimes..

but dropping this friend isn't an option.
Do I let her run all over me?
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